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We value Engineering
Think beyond the imagination.


H/W Design Solution

With Deltiin, there’s a solution to fill any gaps of skill sets and keep your design on time ready. Our solution includes technical and engineering tools to enhance your team and your resources. We’ll help you in any aspect of your design around technology, safe keeping, interoperability and connectivity.

Product and solution engineering

Deltiin has the support you need when you find you’re short on engineers to complete a project. You’ll find this handy if your application includes functionality you’ve never worked with. Our team can assist with short term projects or we can bring in experts from our ecosystem with the domain expertise you require.

Software development, Website Design with Domain & Hosting

If you find yourself challenged with code development anywhere along your software stack, Deltiin can remove the burden.You’ll be impressed by the work we provide in support of the markets you’re targeting. Disciplined use of responsive software development practices will fit well with your organization and meet your expectations.

Attractive & Responsive Website Design, Domain & Hosting


Deltiin offers you products in the quantities you need them,design solutions and support to move your product from an idea to a working prototype.


Training / Workshop / Internship

Open Embedded

1) Embedded Programming & Interfacing. 2)IoT applications

3)Basics of Python with Raspberry Pi. 4) R-Pi and IoT

Robotics & Additive Manufacturing

1)2D Design using CAD 2) 3D Design using CAD

3)AM with 3D Printer..4) Robotics

Design & Development

1)Web Design..2) Android app development

1)Embedded Design..2) VLSI Design


Sales & Other Services


1 3D Printer

2 Solar system

3 Test & Measuring Instruments

4 Lab Trainer/Kits

Other Services

1 Soft Skill training, Faculty Development programs, Guidance in Research Work, Lab developemnt